“Yehudis not only captured our family in the perfect setting, but with the perfect feelings as well. Actually taking the photos was such a breeze...As a parent she knows first hand what it is like capturing kids in the moment and capturing their true personality. My kids loved her so much and so did we!”

– Julian Family


“Yehudis was amazing to work with. She was so chilled and fun! Our photos are extraordinary and we get compliments on them all the time!”

– Koff Family


“Yehudis made all of us feel comfortable right away.We have never actually enjoyed taking pictures with out kids before and spent the whole time laughing together! It felt more like a family outing then a photo shoot.”

– Weintraub Family


“Yehudis worked her magic on our family! She was warm and patient with the kids and made the whole session fun.”

– Brookman Family


“Yehudis has become a member of our family! She kept the kids entertained while bringing humor and creativity to the session.”

– Singer Family


“Our photo session was fun family experience. The location was great and it did not take long for Yehudis to elicit laughs and smiles from our 20 month old son.We love the family photos Yehudis captured for us!”

– Margulies Family


“Yehudis put the whole family at ease with her personality and sense of humor. She also got incredibly creative shots of our family!”

– Sicherman Family


Yehudis took plenty of time to get our kids to warm up and in return got amazing pictures that truly show their personalities! We love every picture and have received so many compliments. It was a great experience we would love to repeat in the future!”

– Weiss Family