Truths I wish I had known before buying my iPhone

This definitely is not an easy thing to admit to the entire world, but I must say it:  My husband was 100% right. If you're like me and committed to staying present and focused with your kids, maybe you can commiserate with my story.

Over the last few years, as smartphones became more and more popular, my husband and I had many discussions about whether we wanted to jump aboard. And each time we came out with the same conclusion: that for our family the risks outweighed the benefits.

We wanted to stay deeply connected to each other and to our children. Of course we had to work, but when we were home- we were truly home. Not rushing to get the phone every time an email dinged. Not getting distracted from reading bedtime stories. Not checking on the latest happenings while out on date night.

So it was pretty simple and clear to us: why would we bring in to our home yet another piece of technology with the ability to distract us from our goals and values?

And then my business came along. As it grew, I was having trouble staying on top of all my responsibilities during the few hours I had to sit at the computer uninterrupted. My GPS was old and kept sending me to the wrong places on my way to photo shoots. I couldn't accept credit cards. And honestly, I hated having to lug my big camera everywhere I went with the kids and wanted to be able to take a quick snapshot to document the moment with my phone.

And I finally had enough.

I needed a smartphone.

And of course, my husband disagreed.

Well, it took some time and many late night discussions, but I convinced him that a smartphone (the iPhone 6) would not distract me from him or from the children. It would be accessible for when I needed it but it would be away the majority of the time.

Boy was I in for a surprise!

And he was right!

Yes, I could catch up on emails, get to my destinations in record timing, accept credit cards and even take pictures of my kids while we were

on the go.

But I also spent way more time on it then I ever could have imagined. It went from one quick check in during bedtime to 5 minutes. And then 5 minutes when the kids came in after a long day at school. Then 5 minutes before bedtime.

After before I knew it, it was with me all the time. I wasn't  giving my children or husband my full attention as they deserved. Household needs got pushed to the side. And I missed out on so many (seemingly) ordinary moments.  You know... the in between moments that I love capturing for myself and for my customers. And helping customers learn how to capture and value those moments (have you seen my FREE ebook on the topic?  Go get your copy!).

But rather than feeling productive, I felt more and more distracted and irritated. And super angry at myself for letting an iPhone come between me and the values I held so dear.

So I made a commitment to myself that this was going to change. Life goes by too fast to keep making the same mistakes. And so I have made a decision to teach what I most really need to learn.

My iPhone now goes into a closet during dinner and bedtime. I'm back and committed more then ever to staying in the moment and finding and capturing those seemingly regular moments.

That being said, the iPhone of course has its benefits. I can easily stay in touch with friends and customers, make it to my photo sessions on time, accept credit cards and capture everyday moments without having a huge camera in front of my face. Like most things, it just needs to be used with moderation.

Here are some of the everyday moments I captured with my iPhone and documented on instagram this month (@yehudisgoldfarb_photography). Are you on Instagram?  I'd love to follow you there!

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I know that I'm not perfect and that I will slip at times. But that's ok as long as I pick myself up and continue on the path that aligns with my values.

So I ask you to please join my journey and comment below with your thoughts, ideas and strategies. I'd love to hear them as I think so many mom's struggle with this.  I'll be posting about my journey to stay connected and present with my kids and hope to have more tips to share as I learn along the way.

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