The Reality of Motherhood

Motherhood is more than Pinterest parties and making baby food.

It’s the biggest love you’ll ever feel and the greatest challenge you will ever face. It’s the most important work you’ll ever do and the job you can’t prepare for.

Motherhood is magical, wonderful, and a privilege. And, it’s also really hard.

As moms, we talk about feeding, sleeping, and playing. We bond over the sleepless nights, the funny stories, and the time you realized you walked outside with two different shoes on.

What we don’t talk about is anxiety and depression.

That pain, we hide... until now.

The truth is, I struggle with anxiety and depression. And my guess is that many of you do too. (The great Google tells me that 1 in 5 moms experience it!)

I, for one, think that’s something worth discussing.

Because us mamas are all in this together.


As a family photographer, I meet moms of all ages and stages, and so many of them have shared stories of their struggles with me. Some moms have just had their firstborn, some have a few kids, and some are grandmothers. Some are divorced, some married, and some single.

Their details don’t matter, though. Each of these women is different, yet their pain is the same.

At the end of the day, we’re all human, and we’re ALL trying our best. And some days will always be harder than others.

Anxiety and depression don’t target certain types of moms. It doesn’t happen because you did something wrong or forgot to do something right; it just happens. It’s heavy and painful, and though it’s life changing, it’s often hidden.

So many moms feel guilty because of their anxiety. So many moms think they’re terrible parents because they battle depression. So many moms feel totally alone.

But, sister, you’re not!! I’m right here. And from this day forward, I’m talking about it. I’m going to share my best strategies to make it through the rough days and get a conversation started about how we can help each other.

One thing I think we need to remember is that “perfect” is a myth. Your makeup, your hair, your home, your child’s behavior, your attitude-- none of it has to be perfect. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to suffer from anxiety. You’re still an amazing mom.

When it comes to raising families, the beauty is in the chaos.

Beauty is when your toddler wipes a tear from your cheek. Beauty is the splattered peas on the floor from your baby’s first “real” meal. Beauty is magically healing your child’s wound with a kiss.

Beauty isn’t perfect. And it’s the same with motherhood—beautiful, but not perfect.


So, tell me what you need, Mama! I’ve got your back.

In the comments below, share your favorite tip to get through a hard day and let me know if you’re interested in being part of a virtual support system of moms who get it.