Talan Family


I was so excited to connect with Dave and Angelica and their two kids for this Arlington VA Family Session, this time in their own home. I can’t believe how big Ella and Logan have gotten!

When I first walked in the door, the kids had a “to- photograph” list ready for me..and we definitely managed to get through the majority of them:)

This family loves spending time together; cuddling, baking, and reading and I enjoyed how much fun the kids had playing together on the couch. And how cute is it that Ella kept score while her Dad and Logan played hockey!?

 I also made sure to photograph Ella and Logan in their bedrooms as I have found that kids really relax and show me a lot of their true personality in their own private spaces.

Thank you, Angelica & Dave, for allowing me into your home for an Arlington VA Family Session and for letting me play with your amazing and beautiful family!

I love working with Angelica, who is the blogger behind Clarendon Moms. She is kind, generous, and authentic, and it’s truly wonderful to get to be around her and her family!