A letter to my mother on Mother's Day 2016 | Maryland Family Photographer



A letter to my mother (and all mothers) on Mother's Day 2016.


I remember, as a child, waking up in what I thought was the middle of the night. The house was quiet, clean and calm. I walked out of my room and found you sitting quietly at the table, preparing your lesson for teaching the next day.


You got me a drink of water and I sat next to you for a few minutes, until you tucked me back into my bed.


Now I think about it, that was the first time I can recall feeling so nurtured, safe and loved.


That moment was pure magic.


And while of course there were times growing up when I felt misunderstood, frustrated and upset, I never doubted how much you loved and believed in me.


You were my world.


And when we butted heads because I felt like I knew better, it was only because of your love and belief in me that I could become an independent thinker.


You were still my world.


Becoming a mother has made me grow in ways I never thought imaginable.


To be able to give unselfishly.

To work on my patience.

To contain my anger.

To love unconditionally.

To be able to apologize to my kids when I'm wrong.


And I am nowhere near perfect.


I lose my patience.

I get angry and yell.

I act selfishly.


Becoming a mother has taught me that no one can be a perfect mother.


We all make many mistakes.

You and me.

All generations.


But I understand now that our mistakes don't define us as mothers and we can't blame our mothers for things gone wrong.


We can acknowledge and discuss it, but ultimately we know that our mothers tried their best.


And our mistakes only help us grow.


And I know that I will be able to continue growing.

Alongside you.


Because you will always and forever be my world.