Bringing Baby Home - Newborn Colette


I am so excited to offer a new type of session called Bringing Baby Home.

In Bringing Baby Home, I photograph your newborn and family in the hospital (or at any alternate birth location) before you're released, and then I follow you home and document your first few hours settling in.

There is nothing more special than bringing a baby into your home for the first time.

I actually still tear up remember coming home after the birth of my oldest child, Leah, and watching my husband unlatch the the car seat from its base.  As I gingerly pulled myself out of the car, I couldn't believe that I was seriously a mom. I kept looking around to see if anyone had if the whole neighborhood should have been in awe with me. As I walked into my home, I felt a tremendous amount of pride in my new little family.

Little Colette, known as Coco, made her debut at 35 weeks, when Jenny had to have an emergency C-section.  Although she was a preemie (6 lbs., 2 oz), Coco was totally healthy, and ready be sent home on time.

Jenny & Coco were scheduled to be checked out in the early afternoon and I showed up around an hour before. For various reasons, the hospital kept delaying the checkout time.  Jenny and Coco were finally released around sunset and by then, it was too late for me to go to their home. We were all so disappointed...especially because Big Brother Knox and the grandparents who were waiting at home to be included. But I was really amazed at how calmly Chris and Jenny handled the situation...I learned a lot from them that day!

Mom described it all so perfectly:

"The opportunity to capture our "bringing baby home" story was amazing. I will never forget that day you sat with us..through the final baby and mama check ups, changing from the hospital gown back to our normal clothes, packing up, putting baby into the car seat for the first time (she was soooo tiny in it!). I really loved that you captured moments when we had our hands full (literally) in trying to boggle many things in the check out process and also those quiet moments where we just spent time looking at our new baby. 

Chris and I had so many emotions. We were thankful and ready to get out of the hospital, but we were scared too. She was so tiny, and we wanted to "do it right." I think that's how most parents feel. While she is our second child, it still felt like our first, because we didn't remember anything from the first time AND we had a 3-year-old at home in which we needed to figure out our new family balance. We are SO happy, and baby is healthy! There is no greater experience in the world than bringing a new baby into the world. I am not sure how my heart was full before my kids, but I can assure you it has never been fuller since. Thank you again for giving us the gift of snapshots of the best time of our life! We are able to go back and look at those moments forever now".

Jenny and Chris, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing and exciting time in your lives!

I loved so many of the images from this session, especially the ones of Dad holding the baby. There is something so touching about a baby in big hands—and besides that, it turns out Dad was a pro swaddler!

And don't Mom and Coco look amazing?!  Jenny purchased her own unique hospital gown online from Gownies was just absolutely glowing.  And, fyi, Jenny has an Etsy shop called KnoxAndCoco where she monograms onesies and burp cloths. You must go check it out!!