I get it. Life is chaotic.

You barely have time to breathe, let alone balance it all. I grew up with 6 siblings, am a mom of 4 and an experienced family social worker. Like you, all I really want to do is provide a safe and nurturing home for my children. To create a strong family foundation which will in turn, equip them to deal with any challenges thrown their way. So that they want to always remain close and connected to you. And that strong family foundation begins with the (seemingly) mundane routines.

Not in a studio, where the kids squirm impossibly; not in a random park where the kids don’t know how to be themselves. It’s about the rooms where you try your best to get one kid in the bath — and stop the other from going out the back door in her diaper. Where you attempt to serve dinner while a toddler climbs on the table and into the mac & cheese. Where stickers, favorite markers, dolls, Legos, Matchbox cars, and, later, hip-hop, rock and movie posters live. Where the teens have their closed-door DMCs (Deep Meaningful Conversations) after school and the young ones get tucked in at night. Where the walls, countertops, and forts built from your good sofa cushions are a witness to deep love and every day moments that define your family.

I am committed to helping you embrace the everyday beauty of your family and reminding you of what an incredible job you are doing everyday: raising your children. Relax and see how incredible your family really is.
Warning: Tears of happiness may occur. That’s because I genuinely care and love every family I work with.

Join me. It will change the way you see yourself and your family.