Carly and Ryan have been happily married for 8 years and are expecting their fourth child together—all boys! So I was more than pleased when they asked me to document this exciting time for them.

It’s always wonderful to do in-home maternity sessions because they are so meaningful, but this was also the same home where Carly was raised. She took care of her mother there while her mom was battling cancer and then received the house after her mother passed away. The house clearly meant a lot to her, and so in this time of looking to the future, it was good to have a setting with so much history. There is also just something so powerful for a child to be able to see where his family was when they were expecting him and to see their excitement—it creates strong roots and memories.

It was clear from the moment I drove up to the mailbox that I was in for a treat, and then when I got inside, it was apparent how important family was. They had a wall with clocks with the date of their marriage as well as each child’s birthday—and they were so excited to add a fourth one!

I loved how “in the moment” the whole family was as it was clear they were all enjoying each other’s company. They have three boys—Kieran, 5, Asher, 3, and Kade, 18 months—and it was so fun to watch these parents have so much patience. They sat on the floor playing with LEGOs, wrestled, played outside, and threw kids in the air.

One of my favorite sets of images from the day is of Carly cutting vegetables and preparing dinner in the kitchen. What hit me in that moment was the realization that, no matter how successful we are outside the home (as Carly is), there is just some true beauty in enjoying the day-to-day tasks of motherhood. Carly is the co-owner of Destined Doulas, and she’s been worked on a new product for clients called placenta encapsulation.

I also adored the image of their toddler’s foot on the table with a parent’s hand trying to get him off. That moment was just so typical of toddlers—and while those times are frustrating in the moment, they are always something to look back at and laugh about!

It’s the small day-to-day moments like the ones in this session that are the easiest to forget but the most important to capture and treasure. Carly & Ryan, thank you again for allowing me to be part of this exciting time in your lives! I’m so excited for the two of you.

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Yehudis Goldfarb
Yehudis Goldfarb
Hi:) I'm Yehudis Goldfarb, a newborn and family photographer based out of Silver Spring, MD. I photograph families in their homes to capture the beauty of their everyday lives so that parents can celebrate the most important job they do everyday: Raising their children.
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